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1-5 player local coop/versus

Tentative Release: 2019 on Mac / Linux / PC


Cargo Cult takes place an eon after a catastrophic event wipes out humankind in the 2700's, right as digital age was coming to an end and the world was on the cusp of a biogenetic Enlightenment. The remaining species have been left to fight over the throne.

The advanced materials of the ancients did not deteriorate, accumulating in a valley of garbage. It became a coveted natural resource for the local wastelanders and quickly grew into a warzone known as the Trash Dunes. 


The protagonist is born a clone, as most species are, into captivity as a gladiator. From the arena the player can choose to battle up to 4 friends in local versus, escape which begins the main game, or fight for your freedom which entails a cooperative horde mode.

Fleeing from your creators, you commandeer a ship to travel beyond the Trash Dunes, across the waste world in search of safety.


  • Objective: get from safepoint A to B and survive
  • A scrolling world separated by distinct regions
  • Ship designing with modular parts
  • Roguelite mechanics (new game on game over, randomized upgrades, procedurally generated levels)
  • When your ship crashes, enemies called Detrivores swarm it from underground and bring what they loot back to their tunnels. You can raid their tunnels to retrieve the items they just stole
  • Capitalism survived the Apocalypse. The occasional shop offers to trade goods for cryptos. If you anger the shop keepers they will retaliate. 
  • Crates are a valuable resource, you can open them for a quick resource grab or carry them to a trader for a substantial reward. 

Cryptos are useful in those rare civilized scenarios. 
Blood is useful for creating more clones of yourself.
Trash is used for upgrading ship parts
Volatile X is used for refueling ships and creating explosives.

Powerups. They will work like plasmids, except they're immutable and you can stack them and become a powerful, hideous abomination


The Senseless (Rake-Handed Pink People on the cover) 
Created by Humans during early stages of cybernetics. A boneless organism with a robotic skeleton. Designed to combine the precision and intelligence of machine with the flexibility of life. Achieved neither. It is a widely accepted notion that Senseless don't have souls.

High Human
The High Human claim to be the true descendants of humankind, but the resemblance is hard to spot. Through years of inbreeding, radioactivity, and genetic drift they've been reduced to mere worm-creatures and lumps of flesh. Intolerant and fragile, they tend to arm themselves heavily to compensate for their physical vulnerability. 

Ancient laws enforced safeguards against robots from becoming too intelligent. Exosuits automatically shut off when they aren't worn and did not fall under this jurisdiction. It just took one self-aware virus to cause an epidemic. The problem became more complicated when they became smart enough to replicate themselves, and to override their own kill switches with corpses.

Created in the image of their lost rulers, these robots are ironically the most human-looking of the wastelanders. They've become obsessed and even worship humankind, who they believe hold the secrets to unlocking their intelligence cap. 

Tentative Feature Creep 

  • Stat-changing and ability-granting mutations
  • Different starting characters
  • Secrets???
  • Branching paths
  • Different enemy types
  • Bosses
  • Diverse, dangerous dungeons
  • More mutations, weapons and ship parts
  • Tutorial

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