Tutorial Added!

Last week I posted Cargo Cult up on reddit for the first time. The only feedback I got was from someone who got confused and gave up before they were able to launch a ship, and admittedly at first I was pretty disappointed. But this singular feedback highlighted the weakness of Cargo Cult, and my games in general-

User friendliness.

Maybe I've taken the mantra "make games for yourself" a little too seriously. I rarely prioritize tutorials because I already know how my own game works, and I love making complicated systems. It's a dangerous combination; a bad habit that I'm determined to break. So the majority of what I've added in this iteration revolves around trying to make Cargo Cult a little less opaque. 

  • A character selection screen + tutorial level
  • UI updates like markers that warn you of incoming explosives
  • A robot guide akin to Halo's oracle that is purely cosmetic, the purpose of this is to show you what unit is selected. It works for now, but currently the guide is a little too distracting so I'll be experimenting with different designs and movement.

Other things:

  • Working doors! This is actually a big development, we're one leap closer to dungeon crawling.
  • Bottomless pits & bridges

In progress:

  • Traps are actually finished but they don't kill you and they're kind of frustrating so I disabled them for now. 
  • Explosive weapons


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Apr 06, 2018

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